Threaded hollow bar for anchor bolt using in geotechnical, civil engineering

Threaded hollow bar for anchor bolt using in geotechnical, civil engineering

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Product Description

With continuous R or T thread, the bar can be connected by the coupling.
1) It is made of high-strength steel by rolling, and the material conforms to GB/T 3077 "alloy structural steel".
2) The R-type hollow bar is produced with a left-handed wave thread, which uses a large pitch standard thread. The thread shape conforms to ISO 10208 "rock drilling tool - left-handed wave thread" and ISO 1720 standard, and can be combined with a corresponding nut, coupling. , drill bit, adapter, etc.
3) The T-type hollow bar is produced with a left-handed large pitch trapezoidal thread, and it can be assembled with nut ,coupling, drill bit, adapter, etc.
4) Surface treatment requirements such as galvanizing, epoxy and double anti-corrosion can be selected according to the conditions of use.
5) The length is usually 3m, 4m, 6m.
6) If the customer has special requirements for the diameter, length, thread or surface treatment of the rod, it can also be customized.
It can be used as a drill pipe when drilling, and can be used as a grouting pipe during grouting. It can be used as a reinforcing rib after installation.


Price Terms︰ FOB, CFR, CIF

Payment Terms︰ T/T, Sight L/C

Packing︰ Bundle

Lead Time︰ 30days

specifications︰ Type Outer Dia. (mm) Inner Dia. (mm) Ultimate Load (KN) Yield Load (KN) Weight (Kg/m)
R25N 25 14 200 150 2.3
R32L 32 22 260 200 2.8
R32N 32 21 280 230 2.9
R32/18.5 32 18.5 280 230 3.4
R32S 32 17 360 280 3.5
R38N 38 21 500 400 4.8
R38/19 38 19 500 400 5.5
R51L 51 38 550 450 6.0
R51N 51 33 800 630 7.6
T76N 76 49 1600 1200 16.5
T76S 76 45 1900 1500 19.0

Advantages︰ 1) High strength and quality material is selected, the hollow bar has high strength and plasticity;
2) The hollow structure is used to make it more resistant to bending and shearing than solid bar of the same cross-sectional area;
3) The inner hole of the hollow bar can be used as a grouting passage;
4) The bar is processed by rolling to process the continuous thread, which can be used for any cutting or be connected by coupling for a longer length, and can be used in a small space.
5) The full-length continuous thread can have better adhesion to the cement layer, it can be used as strong support  for tunnels and rock slopes.

Export Markets︰ Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, Oceania

Min Order︰ 20ton

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